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The 2021 Archaeology Field School

The UC Davis Archaeology Field School offers hand-on, research-driven training in archaeological field methods.

2021 Field School Information

Field School Dates: Field course will be four weeks during UC Davis Summer Session 2 (Aug. 2-Sept. 10. Exact field dates TBD. Special circumstances for students from institutions with terms dates that require them to miss a few days from the beginning or end will be considered.

Application Deadline: Feb. 19th for UC Davis Students. April 15th for non-UC Davis Students. (See also registration calendar for course registration dates)

Submit applications and letters of recommendation to Gregory Wada at <>.

Information session: Friday January 22, 2021 from 3-4pm on Zoom (contact for link). Meeting will be recorded if unable to attend (link to recording will be posted after).

The 2021 UC Davis Archaeological Field School will take place in the Californian Eastern Sierras, east of Yosemite near the town of Bridgeport at around 7,000 ft above sea level. Students will get their hands dirty, gaining practical field experience toward careers in archaeological research and cultural resource management. This four-week course will expose students to archaeological survey and excavation at a site of cultural and theoretical significance in understanding Native Californian and Great Basin forager lifeways and the evolution of human cooperation. The program is particularly suited to students with interests in hunter-gatherer anthropology, California or Great Basin prehistory, cooperative hunting, faunal analysis, lithic analysis, obsidian sourcing and hydration dating, geographic information systems (GIS), or any combination thereof.

Students will receive four units of UC Davis academic credit under ANT 181L. UC Davis students are also required to register for Introduction to field methods (ANT 181) offered in the Spring quarter. This 4 unit course offers preliminary training that will allow you to hit the ground running upon arrival at the summer field site.

Information session: Friday, January 22, 2021 @ 3:00-4:00 PM. Recordingplease contact <> for recording of info session.

Mailing List or Inquiry Contact:


Applications consist of a filled application form (downloadable below) as well as a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation speaking to academic merit or ability to succeed in field archeology work are preferred. We can accept more general work experience letters - please contact us with questions concerning the application process. 

Application PDF
Application (MS Word)

Inclusivity Statement - The UC Davis Field School expects all participants to abide by the UC Davis Policy on Student Conduct and is dedicated to making the field environment a safe and welcoming place for all students.