Sociocultural Wing

About Sociocultural Anthropology

The Sociocultural Wing is composed of social, cultural and linguistic anthropologists committed to understanding how people organize their lives and interpret their circumstances in the modern and postmodern world. Faculty members focus on meaning, language, power and inequality, and the historical processes in which they are embedded in North, Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, South, Southeast and East Asia, Australia and the Pacific. The Sociocultural Wing faculty members contribute exemplary scholarship in science and technology studies, feminist theory, medical anthropology, state-building, post-socialist states, knowledge systems and knowledge production, film studies, and world anthropologies.

The Sociocultural Wing draws upon the considerable resources in the humanities and social sciences at Davis, particularly the departments of History, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Film Studies, and Linguistics, and the interdisciplinary graduate programs in Social Theory and Comparative History, Cultural Studies, and Critical Theory.

Sociocultural Wing Chair