Thiago Braga


Position Title
PhD Candidate



  • MA Chinese Studies, Peking University, 2017
  • BA International Relations, ESPM-Sul, 2014

Research Focus

Aesthetic practices and relational ontologies, urban cultures and consumption patterns, everyday ethics (particularly in the intertwined contexts of multispecies assemblages engendering of/engendered by artistic practice), affect theory and experiments in fieldwork around/through the deployment of affects, philosophical anthropology and comparative philosophy, tea culture, tea worlds, and human/plant relations broadly, East Asia (especially Taiwan and China).


Braga, Thiago. "Tea Art: Reconfiguring Ethics in Contemporary Urban China" Gastronomica (forthcoming)


As Assigned Instructor, I have designed and conducted the following classes:

ANT121/STS121 - Medical Anthropology
ANT30 - Anthropologies of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
ANT100 - Sociocultural Theory in Historical Perspective
ANT139AN - Race, Class, and Gender Systems


So far, my doctoral research has been sponsored by a number of grants and fellowships. These include the Confucius Institute New China Studies Foreign Cooperation Research Grant, The China Government Scholarship, The Taiwan National Central Library Center for Chinese Studies Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies, as well as the UC Davis East Asian Studies Department Graduate Student Research Grant and multiple short-term preliminary fieldwork grants.