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John Darwent



Selected Publications

Darwent, John, Genevieve M. LeMoine, Christyann M. Darwent, and Hans Lange. 2019. Late Dorset Deposits at Iita: Site Formation and Site Destruction in Northwestern Greenland. Arctic Anthropology 56(1): IN PRESS.

Darwent, John, James Savelle, Christyann M. Darwent, Arthur Dyke, Hans Lange, Genevieve M. LeMoine, and Claude Pinard. 2018. Triangular Late Dorset Axial Features in the Canadian Arctic and Northwest Greenland: Origin and Dispersal. American Antiquity 83(3):725–735. https://doi:10.1017/aaq.2018.18

Darwent, Christyann M., and John Darwent. 2016. The Enigmatic Choris and Old Whaling “Cultures” of the Western Arctic. In Handbook of Arctic Archaeology, edited by T. Max Friesen and Owen K. Mason, pp. 317–394. Oxford University Press.

Darwent, John, and Christyann M. Darwent. 2014. Scales of Violence across the North American Arctic. In Violence and Warfare among Hunter-Gatherers: Re-examining a Pacified Past, edited by Mark W. Allen and Terry L. Jones, pp. 182–203.  Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA.

Darwent, John, Owen K. Mason, John F. Hoffecker, and Christyann M. Darwent. 2013. 1000 Years of House Change at Cape Espenberg, Alaska: A Case Study in Horizontal Stratigraphy. American Antiquity 78(3):433–455. https:doi.org/10.7183/0002-7316.78.3.433