Manvir Singh

Manvir Singh Portrait

Position Title
Assistant Professor

208 Young Hall
Office Hours
Winter 2024: Mondays 4:10–6:00 PM


  • PhD, Harvard University, 2020
  • ScB, Brown University, 2012


I direct the Integrative Anthropology Lab, which combines evolutionary, cognitive, and sociocultural methods and theory to understand the nature and origins of human behavior, particularly ubiquitous sociocultural traditions such as shamanism, witchcraft, story, and music. I am also interested in ancestral social organization, drug use and mystical experiences, and evolutionary approaches to mental health. My research is mostly built on two methods: (1) long-term ethnographic fieldwork and (2) the construction and analysis of cross-cultural databases. Since 2014, I have worked with Mentawai communities on Siberut Island, Indonesia. You can learn more about work and our projects at the lab website and my personal webpage.

I also write essays for non-academic audiences, most recently and most often for The New Yorker. You can find my pieces here.


For a full, up-to-date list of publications, visit Google Scholar or the lab website.

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