Henry M. McHenry

Henry M. McHenry Portrait


My undergraduate degree is from U.C. Davis where I studied anthropology, biology, basic physical sciences and mathematics. I also earned an M.A. from U.C. Davis based primarily on thesis research on growth arrest and recovery in prehistoric Californians. My Ph.D.is from Harvard University with a dissertation on the functional morphology and body proportions of Plio-Pleistocene hominids.

Research Interests
My research interest include paleoanthropology, Plio-Pleistocene hominids, hominid postcranial morphology, sexual dimorphism in human evolution, behavioral ecological implications of early hominid body weight, size and scaling in human evolution, Evolutionary history of hominid bipedalism, mastication, and encephalization, Miocene hominoids, and the evolutionary transistion from Australopithecus to Homo.

Recent Publications
2002 - McHenry, Henry M. The fossil record of human ancestry: Introduction. IN: The Primate Fossil Record. Walter Hartwig, ed. Cambridge University Press. pp. 401-406.
2000 - McHenry, Henry M. and Katherine E. Coffing. Australopithecus to Homo: Transformations of body and mind. Annual Review of Anthropology 2000 29:125-166.
1999 - Ruff, Christopher B., Henry M. McHenry, and J. Francis Thackeray. Cross-sectional morphology of the SK 82 and 97 proximal femora. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 109: 509-521.
1998 - McHenry, Henry M. and Lee R. Berger. Body proportions in Australopithecus afarensis and A. africanus and the origin of the genus Homo. Journal of Human Evolution, 35: 1-22.
1998 - McHenry, Henry M. Fossils and reconstructing the origins and evolution of taxa: Introduction. In: Primate Locomotion: Recent Advances. E. Strasser, J. Fleagle, A. Rosenberger, and H.M. McHenry, eds. New York: Plenum Publishing, pp. 333-336.
1998 - McHenry, Henry M. and Lee R. Berger. Limb lengths in Australopithecus and the origin of the genus Homo. South African Journal of Science 94: 447-450.