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National Academy of Sciences elects Distinguished Professor Emerita of Anthropology at UC Davis, Monique Borgerhoff Mulder in 2021

National Academy of Sciences Elects New Members — Including a Record Number of Women — and International Members

Distinguished Professor Emerita, Monique Borgerhoff Mulder, is a human behavioral ecologist who continues to work on projects relating to life history, inequality, natural resource management, and patterned cultural variation. In 2021, she was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences for her body of work addressing "big questions" about our species: Why do people marry? What is the basis of gender roles in economic and social behavior? Why has fertility dropped so radically in most parts of the world? How can people cooperate over natural resource management? Why is economic growth in the developing world not reducing inequality?  Her most cited works are, Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics, and Culture (Borgerhoff Mulder and Coppolillo, 2005),  and "Intergenerational wealth transmission and the dynamics of inequality in small-scale societies" (Borgerhoff Mulder et al. 2009). 

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