Field School Fees and Scholarships

Enrollment in Anthropology Field School requires payment of Summer Session fees plus a program fee.
Note: Summer Session 2019 fees have not posted yet. The following is provided for estimation purposes only.
The Summer Sessions office administers a tuition fee for Summer courses, with separate charges for UC Davis and non-UC Davis students. Out-of-state tuition is waved for all field school students. Total cost is $2833 for UC students and $3113 for non-UC students. This includes tuition, field supplies, food, lodging, and all transportation including round-trip airfare from the US. More information on Summer Session tuition and fees can be found here.
2018 archaeology field school fee structure
UC Student non-UC student
course fee: $281 x 4 units = $1124 $351 x 4 units = $1404
campus fee: $309.09 $309.09
field fee (food, transport, etc.): $1400 1400
Total: $2833.09 $3113.09

Students may be eligible for financial aid for summer tuition. To receive summer financial aid, students must enroll in at least 6 units total during the summer. Students can therefore enroll in 2 additional field research units under ANT 198  (in addition to the 4 unit ANT 181L field course). Note that financial aid can only be used to cover the course and campus fees but not the other field related fees. Please consult with the ANT advising office to discuss this further. More information on financial aid can be found here.

Tuition for summer sessions field courses is NOT REFUNDABLE. You will be billed and remain liable for fees even if you withdraw or cancel your enrollment in Summer Sessions Field School.