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ANT 154A- The Evolution of Primate Behavior

This course focuses on understanding why primates are so variable in how they live, from moving around alone or in pairs to living in large cohesive groups. We take a socioecological approach, which means we will investigate the ecological determinants of primate social organizations from a comparative perspective. This course also focuses on primate phylogeny, as in order to understand primate socioecology, we must also know who are the primates. Those students interested in animal behavior, animal ecology, or primates in particular will find this class appealing.
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None, ANT 1, ANT 54, or EVE 10 recommended




Students will learn about early primate history, sexual selection, dispersal, predation, qualities of primate foods, food competition, and various models that combine one or more of these to explain primate social organizations. In the course of learning who the primates are, students will develop and give class presentations on some of the better-known primates, and will write a term paper on them. Students who anticipate careers with animals will benefit from this but anyone who is interested in understanding the natural world will also benefit.