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Mei Chun Lee


  • MPhil Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge, 2010
  • BA Anthropology, National Taiwan University, 2008


Field of Interests: Civic Tech, Hackers & Hacking, Open Government, Digital Activism, Technologies, Surveillance, Taiwan

I am a post-field PhD candidate in Anthropology. My research centers on digital activism, networked politics, and the hacker culture in East Asian. In my dissertation, I focus on a hacker community, g0v (pronounced gov-zero), and their experiments on information transparency and civic technologies to “reinventing democracy” in post-authoritarian Taiwan. I am particularly interested in how technologies produce, articulate and mediate “ideoscapes” such as openness, participation, collaboration and democracy across various mediums and interfaces, and how these ideoscapes are translated from technologies to governance. Seeing hacking as a set of situated knowledge and embodied expertise, I aim at revealing how political contingencies and technological transformation gave rise to civic hacking and its techno-political engagement in Taiwan.

Prior to pursuing the PhD degree at UC Davis, I had several work experiences in the IT and media industries. I have since been interested in visual re/presentations, translation of technologies, bio-politics, cyborg theory, and the materiality of media.