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Katherine Morucci


  • University of Pennsylvania, 2016: B.A. Honors Biological Basis of Behavior & B.A. Biology
  • University of California, Davis: M.S. Integrative Pathobiology (in progress)


I am a zooarchaeologist with a regional focus in the Peruvian Andes. Broadly, I am interested in the process of domestication of the llama and alpaca. Specifically, I am interested in better understanding how domestication influenced Andean camelid disease ecology in the past.

Advisors: Randy Haas

Research Focus

I take an inter-disciplinary approach to investigate signals of infectious disease events in the archaeological record. Borrowing methods from veterinary histopathology, parasitology and epidemiology, I am developing novel methods to identify evidence of infectious diseases from naturally mummified, soft tissue remains. Eventually, my hope is to be able to use these methods to better understand the evolutionary disease ecology between camelids, their parasites and human herders. I am also very interested in the potential role of introduced livestock diseases on Andean camelid mortality following Spanish contact in the Peruvian Andes.


Excavations and Field Work: 

1. Excavations and Faunal Analysis of Cuncaicha Rock Shelter: Arequipa, Peru  (July 2015 -- August 2015)

2. Andean Archaeological Survey: Ocoña Basin, Peru (June 2015)

3. Proyecto Mirkiná Owl Monkey Behavior Field Technician: Formosa, Argentina (May 2013 -- December 2013)

4. Excavations of the Western Highlands Early Epipaleolithic Project: Wadi Al-Hasa, Jordan (July 2012 -- August 2012)


Teaching Assistantships:

1. Veterinary Musculoskeletal Anatomy

2. Experimental Design and Statistics

3. Primate Socioecology

4. Introductory Archaeology 

5. Introductory Human Evolutionary Biology