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Corey L. Johnson


  • B.A. 2016, University of Montana
  • M.A. 2018, University of California, Davis

Research Focus

My dissertation research consists of using a techno-economic approach for understanding the Paleolithic stone artifact technology of Nihewan Basin, China. By using this approach, I can reconstruct stone artifact production sequences preserved within the archaeological sites at Nihewan, then I can measure and compare the productivity and utility of the sequences to test and ecologically contextualize these technological reconstructions. The results will contribute to our understanding of technological change and hominin evolution in East Asia during the Paleolithic.

Selected Publications

Li, F., Johnson, C., Fuyou, C.,Yi, M., Zwyns, N., Gao, X., 2019. Raw material impacts on lithic technology at Donggutuo, Nihewan Basin, China: Preliminary results from the 2016 excavation campaign. European Society for the Study of Human Evolution [Abs.]

Zwyns, N., Paine, C., Tsedendorj, B., Gantumur, A., Talamo, S., Flas, D., Allshouse, A., Libois,  T., Gallo, G., Galfi, J., Johnson, C., Smith, K., Gunchinsuren, B., Hublin, J-J., 2018. Short term occupations at the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic in Mongolia: new evidence from the site of Tolbor 34. Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques [Abs.]



Assistant Instructor Assignments:

Intro to Lithic Analysis (Winter, 2021)

Teaching Assistant Assignments:

Human Evolutionary Biology (Spring, 2020)

Intro to Lithic Analysis (Winter, 2020)

Human Life Cycles (Fall 2019)

Andean Archaeology (Spring, 2019)

Human Evolutionary Biology (Winter, 2019)

Prehistoric Technology (Fall, 2018)

Human Evolutionary Biology (Spring, 2018)

Intro to Lithic Analysis (Winter, 2018)

Human Life Cycles (Fall, 2017)

Human Evolutionary Biology (Winter and Spring, 2017)

Intro to Archaeology (Fall, 2016)





2018                Sacramento Archaeology Society Research Scholarship

2015                Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship


2018                UCD Evolutionary Anthropology Summer Fellowship Award

2017                UCD Evolutionary Anthropology Summer Fellowship Award

2017                UCD Institute of Social Science Travel and Research Award

2015                UM Kain and McKay Scholarship