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Anthropology Faculty Statement in Support of the Strike

November 16, 2022

 The faculty members of the Department of Anthropology support fellow department members currently striking alongside 48,000 University of California employees.  These workers are represented by UAW 2865 (Union of Academic Student Employees), UAW 5810 (Postdocs and Academic Researchers), and SRU-UAW (Student Researchers).

We call on the UC Davis administration to pressure UCOP to resolve Unfair Labor Practices and bargain in good faith with the UAW. The bargaining position of UAW-represented workers must be taken seriously. This is necessary to bring salaries of UC graduate students, postdocs and researchers in line with that of our comparison institutions, to account for the cost of living in California, and to keep pace with the rate of inflation affecting cost of living needs such as housing, transportation, and food. In addition, we affirm the need to provide affordable and low-emission transportation to UC workers. We also emphasize that substantial childcare reimbursement, equitable and effective addressing of disability needs, greater support for international scholars, and improved protection from abusive work environments are crucial issues of livelihood and well-being for our fellow workers. Furthermore, these practices are matters of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, by allowing UC to attract the most promising scholars, regardless of their financial status or nationality.

We invite the UC Davis administration to recognize graduate students, postdocs and academic researchers as foundational to the University’s research and teaching mission. Resolving our workers’ issues will not only improve their life and working conditions, but also make UC an attractive and competitive employer for talented students, postdocs, and researchers.

We call on the University of California not to retaliate against legitimate strike activity, and we hope that the university administration and UAW can come to a fair contract quickly.

The Anthropology Faculty and the Anthropology Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


The statements on this page represent the views of the Department of Anthropology and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of California, or UC Davis or its Chancellor.