Field School Fees and Scholarships

Enrollment in Anthropology Field School requires payment of Summer Sessions tuition plus a program fee.
The Summer Sessions office administers the tuition fee, with separate charges for UC Davis students and for students from other institutions. An additional program fee will apply to all students.
Students enroll in the anthropology course ANT 181 through UC Davis Summer Sessions for 9 summer session units, for which the tuition is charged. The program fee underwrites the cost of transportation from UC Davis to field sites, transportation while in the field, camping fees, food, and excavation equipment. Additional costs may include personal gear and any additional personal items.
Tuition for summer sessions field courses is NOT REFUNDABLE. You will be billed and remain liable for fees even if you withdraw or cancel your enrollment in Summer Sessions Field School.


Students who enroll in Field School may be eligible for supplemental scholarship funding through the Institute for Field Research, an independent, nonprofit academic organization. The IFR website also lists other sources of scholarships.