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Anthropology Club at UC Davis

Anthropology Club at UC Davis!



About Us:

Anthropology Club at UC Davis was created as a means of uniting students from varied backgrounds in the field of Anthropology and forming them into a cohesive community of scholars with the a shared interest of exploring and promoting the rich and diverse story of the human experience.  We facilitate this community through regular meetings, relevant events and field trips, as well as regular outreach events which allow you to speak with the outstanding faculty, staff and graduate students of UC Davis.


2016/2017 Officers:

President: Haley Bakarich -

Vice President: Britt Pimental -

Secretary: Kaylinn Charnley - 

Treasurer: Trisha McNeill -

Event Coordinators: Juliana Bartel -

                                 Tesa Winters -         


Club Events:

    • Museum Trips
    • Discussion Forums
    • Guest Speakers
    • Mixers
    • Picnic Day
    • Graduate Student Panel


How Can I Get Involved?:




Anthropology Club at UC Davis



Anthropology Club at UC DavisAnthropology Club at UC DavisAnthropology Club at UC Davis

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Giving matters at UC Davis. For more than a century, donors have been helping the university address the issues that matter most to California, the nation and the world.  The Department of Anthropology is dedicated to achieving excellence. Your gift can help.

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