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Mark Grote


  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 1996


I studied math, statistics and genetics as an undergraduate at the University of Washington, and continued there for a M.S. in Statistics. I worked as an applied statistician in the Department of Physical Anthropology at UW for a couple of years before going to UC-Berkeley in the early 1990's for more graduate school. My Ph.D. advisors at Berkeley were Glenys Thomson (Integrative Biology) and Terry Speed (Statistics). At UC-Davis I was a post-doctoral researcher in Evolution and Ecology for several years, supervised by John Gillespie and Chuck Langley.

Research Focus

I specialized early on in statistical population genetics, but over the years I've become a generalist, working with anthropologists and others on many kinds of data analysis projects. I spend much of my time helping students formalize their questions and supervising their analytic and computing work. Current efforts focus on a global dataset of human cranial shapes, and a few projects involving harmonic analysis are in early stages. Computational Bayesian tools are common elements of my work, but on occasion I gladly take up pen, paper and sit quietly at my desk doing math.

Selected Publications

Porter, A.M., M.N. Grote, L.A. Isbell, E. Fernandez-Duque, A. Di Fiore (2017) Delayed Dispersal and Immigration in Equatorial Sakis (Pithecia aequatorialis): Factors in the Transition from Pair- to Group-Living. Folia Primatologica 88: 11-27.

Salerno, J., M. Borgerhoff Mulder, M.N. Grote, M. Ghiselli, C. Packer (2016) Household livelihoods and conflict with wildlife in community-based conservation areas across northern Tanzania. Oryx 50: 702-712.

Ransom, K.M., M.N. Grote, A. Deinhart, G. Eppich, C. Kendall, M.E. Sanborn, A.K. Souders, J. Wimpenny, Q.-z. Yin, M. Young, T. Harter (2016) Bayesian nitrate source apportionment to individual groundwater wells in the Central Valley by use of elemental and isotopic tracers. Water Resources Research 52: 5577–5597.

Katz, D.C., M.N. Grote, T.D. Weaver (2016) A mixed model for the relationship between climate and human cranial form. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 160:593-603.

Bettinger, R.L., M.N. Grote (2016) Marginal value theorem, patch choice and human foraging response in varying environments. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 42:79-87.

Towner, M.C., M.N. Grote, M. Borgerhoff-Mulder (2016) Problems modelling behavioural variation across Western North American Indian societies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283.

Porter A.M., M.N. Grote, L.A. Isbell, E. Fernandez-Duque, A. Di Fiore (2015) A Saki saga: dynamic and disruptive relationships among Pithecia aequatorialis in Ecuador. Folia Primatologica 86(5):455-473. 

Schacht, R., M. Grote (2015) Partner choice decision making and the integration of multiple cues. Evolution and Human Behavior 36(6):456-466.

Pacheco-Cobos, L., M.N. Grote, D.J. Kennett, B. Winterhalder (2015) Population and Environmental Correlates of Maize Yields in Mesoamerica: a Test of Boserup’s Hypothesis in the Milpa. Human Ecology 43(4):559-576.

Nunez, C.L., M.N. Grote, M. Wechsler, C.R. Allen-Blevins, K. Hinde (2015) Offspring of primiparous mothers do not experience greater mortality or poorer growth: Revisiting the conventional wisdom with archival records of Rhesus Macaques. American Journal of Primatology 77(9):963–973.