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Kelly A. Eldridge


  • 2007 - B.A. Anthropology and German - Grinnell College
  • 2012 - M.A. Anthropology - University of Alaska Anchorage
  • 2014 - M.A. Anthropology - University of California, Davis


Research Interests: Alaskan archaeology, zooarchaeology, ethnozoology, harpoon technology, community archaeology, Indigenous archaeology, archaeological ethics, oral histories, evolutionary anthropology, cultural transmission theory, and the current and ancestral cultures of the Iñupiaq, Yup'ik, Sugpiaq, and Unangax peoples

Dissertation Project: Archaeological and ethnohistoric evidence of culture change in Shaktoolik, Alaska, and the cultural transmission of qasgit (men's houses) across the North American Arctic


Advisor: Dr. Christyann Darwent

DENAS Advisor: Dr. Jessica Bissett Perea

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