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Aram A. Yengoyan


  • 1964 Ph.D., University of Chicago


Research Interests

Cultural theory; analysis of ideologies, cultures, and national cultures; history of anthropological theory and the enlightenment(s); language and culture; epistemology of cultural and linguistic translation. Areas: Southeast Asia and Australia.

Recent Publications
(in press) “Lyotard and Wittgenstein and the Question of Translation, in Translation in Anthropology, edited by Paula Rubel and Abraham Rosman.
2002 “On the Question of Heritage and Hierarchy in British Social Anthropology.” American Anthropologist, Volume 104, Number 1, Pages 334-339.
2001 “Essentialisms of Aboriginality: Blood/Race, History, and the State in Australia.” In The Construction of Minorities: Cases for Comparison Across Time and Around the World, edited by André Burguière and Raymond Grew. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, Pages 269-298.
1997 “BETRACHTUNGER ÜBER VORSTELLUNGER VON KULTUR, ZIVILISATION, POLITIK UND ÄSTHETIK: Franz Boas, Georg Simmel, and Thomas Mann: mit besonderem Nachdruck auf ihre Verwicklichung als Geist, Weltanschauung, und Völkergedanken”*
1997 *(REFLECTIONS ON IDEAS OF CULTURE, CIVILIZATION, POLITICS AND AESTHETICS: Franz Boas, Georg Simmel, and Thomas Mann: with Special Emphasis on How These Would Be Realized in Geist, Weltanschauung, und Volkergedanken), in Culture at the End of the Boasian Century. Special Issue of Social Analysis: Journal of Cultural and Social Practice, edited by Janice Boddy and Michael Lambek, Number Issue 41 (3), pages 24-41, November.
1997 “L’ABORIGÈNE, LA RACE ET L’ÈTAT: Débat sur les minoritiés et hégémonie nationale en Australie.” Annales/Histoire, Sciences Sociales (formerly Annales/Economies, Sociétés, Civilizations), Paris, Mai-Juin, 1997 Volume 51, Number 3, pages 621-631.