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Evolutionary Graduate Students

Mayowa Adegboyega

  • Graduate Student, Paleoanthropology

Gregory R. Burns

  • PhD Candidate in Archaeology
  • Winter 2017: Instructor for ANT 023 - World Prehistory

Dena J. Clink, Ph.D. Student

  • My main research interests are primate ecology and primate conservation.
  • My Ph.D. research utilizes bioacoustic techniques to study the Bornean
  • gibbon (Hylobates muelleri). I am currently investigating the relative
  • importance of geographic distance and ecological similarity as drivers
  • of variation in the Bornean gibbon great call. I am also working to
  • develop a technique to census and monitor gibbons that utilizes variation
  • in their calls to identify specific individuals, a technique known as "vocal fingerprinting".

Grace Davis

  • Graduate Student, Primatology

Kelly A. Eldridge

  • PhD Candidate in Evolutionary Anthropology with a Designated Emphasis in Native American Studies

Alexandra M. Greenwald

  • Head TA: ANT 001 Human Evolutionary Biology
  • Ph.D. Candidate in Archaeology

Nicholas Hanten

  • Graduate Student
  • Winter 2017: TA for ANT 023-World Prehistory
  • Field School 2017: Instructor

Susan E. Lagle

  • Ph.D. candidate in Paleoanthropology
  • TA: ANT 160 (Winter 2017)

Julie Linden

  • primatology, social network analysis, hair cortisol

Candice Ralston

  • Archaeology Graduate Student

Chelsea Smith

  • Pacific Coast Archaeology; Ph.D. Student

Peter A. Stamos

  • Paleoanthropology Ph.D. Candidate

Gregory Wada

  • Museum Scientist
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