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Present Position: back to top

Professor, Department of Anthropology & Graduate Group in Ecology
(Human Ecology Area of Interest)
Associate Dean, Division of Social Sciences 
University of California at Davis, One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8522

Personal Information: back to top

Date of Birth: 13 March 1949, age 60. 
Family: Sheryl Gerety, spouse; four children 
Office telephone: (530)-754-4770
Home telephone: (530)-758-3990

Degrees Earned: back to top

B.A. Honors College, University of Oregon. June, 1971 
M.A. Anthropology, Cornell University. January, 1975 
Ph.D. Anthropology, Cornell University. August, 1977

Areas of Topical Expertise: back to top

Behavioral and evolutionary ecology, cultural ecology, hunter-gatherers (sub-arctic Canada), agriculturalists (central Andes, Peru), micro-ecological models of human adaptive processes

Professional Positions: back to top

1971-74 NSF Graduate Fellow. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

1975-76 Research Associate. SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.

1977-79 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Program on Science Technology and Society, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

1979-85 Assistant Professor of Anthropology, UNC-Chapel Hill.

1986-92 Associate Professor of Anthropology, UNC-Chapel Hill.

1992-02 Professor of Anthropology, UNC-Chapel Hill.

2002- Professor of Anthropology, UC-Davis

Administrative Positions: back to top

Associate Chair (Department of Anthropology, UNC), 1989 - 1991. 
Chair (Department of Anthropology, UNC), 1991 - 1996. 
Chair (Curriculum in Ecology, UNC), 1996 - 2002. 
Associate Director (Carolina Environmental Program), 1996 - 1997. 
Chair (Department of Anthropology, UC - Davis), 2005-2009.
Associate Dean, Division of Social Sciences, 2009-present

Field Research Experience: back to top

Peru. Summer 1971. Energy flow and cold adaptation.

Northern Ontario. Calendar year 1975. Foraging strategies and ecological adaptation.

Peru. Summer 1982. Exploration of field sites and research possibilities on the eastern Andean escarpment.

Peru. Summers 1984, 1985 & 1986; Sept. to Jan., 1986-87; Summer 1987. Interdisciplinary human ecology research, NSF grant.

Belize. June 2009. Human systems dynamics of Late Classic political development and ecology.

Affiliations and Memberships: back to top

Graduate Faculty, Ecology Curriculum. UNC-Chapel Hill (to 2002).

Fellow, American Anthropological Association.

Associate, Current Anthropology.

Sigma Xi, Full Member.

Member, Institute for Latin American Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill (to 2002).

Elected Member, Faculty Council (UNC -- CH), 1989-1992.

Contributing Editor, Journal of Archaeological Research.

Editorial Board, Plenum Interdisciplinary Contributions of Archaeology.

NSF panel member (dissertation research), Cultural Anthropology Program, 1997-1999.

Chair, BA/BS Environmental Majors Design Committee (1997-1998).

Member, Environmental Curriculum Committee, Carolina Environmental Program, 1999-2002.

Member, Faculty Advisory Committee, Carolina Environmental Program (1996-2002).

Fellow, Carolina Environmental Program (1999-2002).

Member, Advisory Board to the Graduate School, Fellowship SubComittee (1999-2002).

Editorial Board, Origins of Human Behavior and Culture Series, University of California Press (2005-present).

Editorial Board, American Anthropologist (2005-present).

Academic Distinctions: back to top

Distinguished Ecologist Lecture Series, Colorado State University, April 1997.

Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences (Palo Alto), Academic Year 1998/99 (declined, due to lack of housing).

Lineberger Distinguished Professor of Anthropology (2002, declined to move to UC - Davis).

Book Reviews: back to top

Review of: Biosocial Mechanisms of Population Regulation. M. N. Cohen, R. S. Malpass, and H. G. Klein, eds. American Anthropologist 83: 416-417. 1981.

Review of: Human Ecology in Savanna Environments. D. R. Harris, ed.American J. Physical Anthropology 57: 355-356. 1982.

Review of: Demographic Archaeology by Fekri A. Hassan, and, Population and Technological Change by Ester Boserup. American Antiquity 48: 196-199. 1983.

Review of: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. G. W. Salt, ed. Human Biology(in press).

Review of: Foraging Theory. D.W. Stephens and J.R. Krebs. Human Ecology (in press).

"Commons Viewed Ethnographically," a review of: The Question of the Commons: The Culture and Ecology of Communal Resources. B.M. McCay and J.M. Acheson, eds. Science 240: 1082-1083. 1988.

Review of: "Bad Year Economics: Cultural Responses to Risk and Uncertainty." Paul Halstead and John O'Shea, eds. Science 249: 1052-1053. 31 August, 1990.

Review of: "A View to a Death in the Morning." Matt Cartmill, author.American Scientist 83: 181-183. March-April, 1995.

Review of "The Foraging Spectrum: Diversity in Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways." Robert Kelly, author. 1996 American Antiquity 61:797-798.

Review of “Montane Foragers: Asana and the South-Central Andean Archaic.” Mark S. Aldenderfer, author. 1999 Latin American Antiquity10: 96-98.

Presentations pending: back to top

"The population ecology of movement among habitats." Talk to be presented to the workshop, Our Way to Europe. Culture-Environment Interaction and Human Mobility in the Late Quaternary. University of Cologne, 14 January.

Consultation: “The Origin of Human Subsistence.” The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany. Mid-February 2009.

Areas of Teaching Expertise & Courses Taught: back to top

General areas: Evolutionary and ecological anthropology; neo-Darwinism -- history, theory and applications to humans; behavioral ecology of humans; hunter-gatherers; peasant agriculture and ecological adaptations in the Andes; cultural ecology; general anthropology.

Specific courses (some of them multiple times):

Anth 41 General Anthropology 
Anth 41H General Anthropology (Honors) 
Anth 43 Human Evolution and Adaptation 
Anth 97 Directions in Anthropology 
Anth 117 Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Adaptation & Behavior 
Anth 139 Environmental Anthropology 
Anth 203 Graduate Core: Evolution and Ecology I 
Anth 204 Graduate Core: Evolution and Ecology II 
Anth 260 Seminar on Human Evolutionary Ecology 
(recent titles include: 
New History, Current Theory in Evolutionary Anthropology; 
Readings in Ecological Anthropology; 
Origins of Agriculture; 
Cultural Ecology Classics and Their Consequences) 
Anth 328 Seminar on Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations 
Anth 328 Seminar on the Evolution of Human Consciousness 
Ecol 199 Seminar on the History of Human and Bio-Ecology.

UC - Davis
ANT 5 Prosiminar in Biological Anthropology; 
ANT 98 Nineteenth Century Origins of Evolutionary Anthropology; 
ANT128A Kinship and Social Organization; 
ANT/ECOL 211 Advanced Topics in Cultural Ecology; 
ANT 263 Human Applications of Foraging Theory; 
FRS 001C Freshman Seminar: Human Nature, Animal Culture.

Recent/Current Ph.D. Student Advisees: back to top

Senait Bahta. Faculty (Dept. Anth.), University of Asmara, Eritrea. UNC-CH anthropology dissertation (PhD, June, 2001) based on a year of fieldwork in Eritrea studying the cultural ecology, village-level impact and socio-environmental consequences of the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict. Support from the UNC International Studies Program and the University of Asmara.

Carmen Cortez. Graduate Group in Ecology, matriculated 2009 (REACH/IGERT). Intent to study cultural ecology of subsistence production and habitat use in southern Mexico.

Susan Crate.Susan Crate. Faculty (Env. Studies), George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. UNC-CH Curriculum in Ecology dissertation (PhD, June, 2002) centered on the Vilyuy region of north central Siberia, where Crate conducted a year-long, cultural ecology study of the impact of Soviet-era collectivization and hydroelectric and diamond mining projects on Sakha peoples’ agro-pastoral economy. NSF Predoctoral Research Fellowship, Mellon Foundation support, AAUW write-up support.

Katie Demps. Fourth year, UC-Davis, Anthropology. Behavioral ecology and cultural transmission theory. Just returned from the field, southeastern India, pursuing research on cultural transmission & socialization into the skills of forest honey extraction. NSF support.

Laura Dominkovic. PhD, Anthropology, UNC-CH in 2007. Cultural ecology of agriculture in rural Croatia and impact of pending EU agricultural policies on its social and ecological sustainability.

Susan Glover. PhD 2008, UC-Davis, Anthropology. Research on the behavorial ecology of frontier miners in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, in the late 19th Century, including tactics of group formation, central place foraging (for silver ore) and migration into the west. Currently adjunct faculty, Denision University.

Flora Lu. Faculty UC – Santa Cruz (Latin American and Latino Studies). UNC-CH Curriculum in Ecology dissertation (PhD, June 1999) drawing from fieldwork in lowland Ecuador studying consequences of oil development for indigenous ecology, community and conservation practices of the Houarani people. NSF Predoctoral Research Fellowship & Inter-American Foundation support.

Carl McCabe. PhD, UC-Davis (2009), Anthropology. Dissertation using experimental and ethnographic data to analyze the behavioral ecology of participation in the informal market economy of urban China. NSF support. Currently a postdoc at the NIH.

Brandie Sullivan. Faculty (Environmental Studies, UNC-Asheville). PhD, Curriculum in Ecology, UNC-CH (2007). Research in indigenous cultural ecology of populations living on the margins of, or within, national parks and conservation reserves, especially in the Huascaran region of Peru. Tinker and FLAS support for pre-dissertation field work, Summer, 1999 and summer 2000; NSF Predoctoral Research Fellowship for research beginning September, 2001.

Bram Tucker. Faculty (Dept. Anth.), University of Georgia, Athens GA. UNC-CH dissertation (June 2001) based on field work in the Mikea Forest, Madagascar, studying behavioral ecology of Mikea hunter-gatherers, practicing a mixed economy of foraging, agriculture and marketing. NSF Predoctoral Research Fellowship, Fulbright, Sigma Xi and LSB Leakey funding.

General Editor, PSE Working Paper Series: back to top


Prehispanic occupation of the eastern Andean escarpment: A preliminary report of the Cuyo Cuyo archaeological survey. (67 pp.) Carol Goland.

Qori Llank'ay: Gold mining technology in a community mine, northern region of Puno (Perú). (57 pp.). Jorge Recharte.

Value and economic culture among the peasant gold miners of the Cuyo Cuyo District (Northern Puno, Perú). (256 pp.). Jorge Recharte.

Cultivating diversity: Field scattering as agricultural risk management in Cuyo Cuyo, Department of Puno, Perú. (409pp). Carol Goland.

Work, reproduction and health in two Andean communities (Department of Puno, Perú). (194pp). Anne Larme.

Diet and nutrition in the household economy of Cuyo Cuyo (Department of Puno, Perú). (140pp.). Margaret Graham.


In Preparation back to top

Time allocation and activity patterns in two communities on the eastern andean escarpment (Northern Puno, Perú). (250 pp., approx.) Bruce Winterhalder, Carol Goland, Margaret Graham, Anne Larme, and Jorge Recharte.

Geology and geomorphology of the Cuyo Cuyo District (Department of Puno, Perú). (145 pp., approx.) David Alexander.

The pattern and predictability of weather in the central Andes. (165 pp., approx.) Bruce Winterhalder.


Planned back to top

A geographic information system (GIS) analysis of the Cuyo Cuyo region and its terraces. Bruce Winterhalder.

The ecology and ethnobotany of the Cuyo Cuyo region (140 pp, approx.). Bradley Bennett.