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Demography & Evolutionary Ecology of Hadza Hunter-Gatherers

Nicholas Blurton Jones, Professor Emeritus, UCLA

Nov 28, 2016
from 04:10 PM to 05:00 PM

273 Social Science and Humanities

Slogging along behind Hadza and !Kung with stopwatch and weighing scales in hand familiarizes one with features of sub-Saharan savanna that may deserve more attention. Seasonal differences parallel differences between earning a living in forest and savanna. Local differences illustrate ecological reasons for dependence of human juveniles. Ideas about variation between ecology (miombo woodland, wooded savanna, and desert), and temporal variation in rainfall, deserve development. Examining residence patterns and camp fluidity may help us figure out aspects of men's alternative reproductive strategies, including the infamous "show off" hypothesis, despite the apparent absence or weakness of "father effects". Why do Hadza women say they prefer to marry a good hunter when we find so little obvious direct benefit to the women? 

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Free and open to the public